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DIGITAL WORKPLACE is a leading digital technology firm which serves employers and employees in the private and public sectors in the Unites States, and across the world. Our company's primary goal is to pioneer emerging technologies, such as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)/Blockchain, to create new trusted ecosystems, shift value within and across industries, change the nature of workplace control points, and change how work is done. 

Our company’s three primary ecosystems are: (i) Wealth Management, (ii) Retirement and (iii) Benefits.  All three ecosystems have several things in common.  First, they rely on multiple organizations that must integrate processes and communication. Secondly, they require systems that are scalable.  And lastly, they require security to protect information and data.  We believe that DLT and blockchain technology can meet the needs of these markets.

Our Ecosystems



Employee benefit providers are predominantly offering health and welfare benefits through employers.  These include medical, dental, vision, various forms of insurance, employee assistance programs, financial wellness, college planning and executive level deferred compensation plans, mainly through insurance companies.  In addition,  there are third party aggregators and brokers providing a variety of optional benefits and employee assistance programs designed to provide employees with other services such as financial wellness, legal services, identity protection and others.



The retirement ecosystem consists of product and service providers offering individuals the opportunity to accumulate funds for retirement, predominately through the defined contribution, defined benefit and annuity markets.  The retirement market is served by a variety of organizations including insurance companies, full-service recordkeepers, third party administrators, asset managers and specialized financial advisors supporting both the plan sponsor and participants. The majority of these plans are employer sponsored and a participant primarily interacts directly with the plan provider and plan advisor. Traditional providers of recordkeeping are attempting to morph their commoditized services to become a “financial wellness” platform for employers and employees.


Wealth Management

Digital Workplace views wealth management as the interaction between a financial advisor and an individual investor combining investment advisory and other financial services designed to address the individual investor’s needs, without regard to investible assets.  These services can be delivered through a variety of different types of organizations and levels of interaction.  Organization types include traditional broker dealers, independent advisory firms, registered investment advisors, robo advisors and hybrid fintech/human constructs.  Employers may also provide their employees with a means to connect to an advisor.

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